vendredi 27 juillet 2012

I have got a 40 (ish) jacket !

My starlet suit jacket completed (no mean feat), I had to strut about in it and flaunt my skills in every one's face. I'm so vain ! To my credit, I must say that I didn't explain to every and any one how I hand tailored the collar, nor, how I eased the sleeves in, etc. even though I really wanted to. But, I managed to keep myself nicely in check and just said to every one and any one "I did it myself !" in the most modest demure way I could manage, of course.
Every one did make the right "ooh!", and "aah!" (nb : noises made with the french accent), and prodded and poked my jacket as if to see if it was real. It was so rewarding in a base boastful way that I wanted to start on another jacket strait away to get even more compliments. Yes, vain, I know.

Does sewing turn any one else  into a praise seeking narcissist ? Is it just me ?

Here is the jacket in all its glory :

The skirt is made from the bursa style may 2012 magazine. It's the pencil one with the folds.
I know that a circle skirt would have been more appropriate to a vintage style suit, but I didn't have enough material left for it. So there it is a horizontally pleated pencil skirt (not to sure this is the right description for it).

My friend Elodie (picture on top), is doing her own nail art. Look at that ! :

 Sorry, I don't have a better picture, but it's a lovely shade off of pink with delicate silver flowers on it.

I have added to my list of the 1001 things to do the task of learning how to take better pictures.
It will be a slow learning process as it is with sewing, so, be patient with me, please !

And if you wandered, YES, I did go camping, with that suit, in the tiniest tent ever . have a look :

My pink blouse is showing in the most untidy way. My excuse is that it was early morning, I didn't get much sleep due to the cold that night (8°C degree in the wee hours of the morning), so, i gave myself the right to a little scruffiness.

On the lining front, that jacket is a mess. Of course, I purposefully forgot to mention this to any of my jacket admirers. I didn't know what went wrong at first, I cut everything as instructed (or so I thought ), but the lining didn't match the jacket and I had to gather it on the sides, like so :

More of that ugly lining !

After taking a closer look it seems that I cut the pieces of the lining in the bias rather than on the grain.
Could this tiny detail be the root of such a mess ?
Apparently so.

I might one day take the lining off the jacket and recut it on the grain, AND, reassemble it. But, I don't see this happening in the near futur as I'm a bit sick of jacket sewing for now.

Have a nice sunny week-end, all of you !

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  1. "You are so beautiful little girl".Quelle réussite ce 1er tailleur....mais j'ai quand même hâte que tu te mettes au "nail art" et je postule au poste de cobaye;-)Je t'encourage à continuer et suis déjà impatiente de voir ta 2ème oeuvre...Bisous et à très bientôt. Delf

  2. Merci, merci, merci beaucoup Delph. Comme toujours, tes encouragements me vont droit au coeur. Ça m'aide à persévérer dans les moments de fatigues profondes. Ces moments où on se dit qu'on serait mieux sous la couette que devant sa machine à coudre ;-)
    À très bientôt.

  3. Salut Eurielle ! C'est Zhang Shijia !
    Comme je te le disais dans le mail que je t'ai envoyé par erreur alors que je voulais laisser un commentaire sur ton blog (bref), j'adore ton ensemble !!!!!!
    Il te va trop bien, tu es super belle, gros bisous et bon courage pour la suite <3

  4. Merci beaucoup Shijia ! Ça me fait vraiment plaisir. Malheureusement, je n'ai jamais reçu ton mail ;-(
    我想感谢你因为你鼓励我。 你的鼓励很重要!

    À bientôt.

  5. Gorgeous! You've done an amazing job on this jacket, and the fit is perfect. Also, it sounds like it's more of a wiggle skirt (pleat against the waist instead of dart, right?) and therefore very very 50s period!

    And I know all about going around, trying to lure people into asking me if I made the coat/jacket myself =) Maybe it's because we put so many hours of hard work into these creations, it's quite hard not to show how proud we are?

    And you have every reason to be proud, your jacket is beautiful, and you look gorgeous in it!

  6. Thank you so much ! you're so sweet !

    I am not sure that it is exactly a wiggle skirt as the pleats are against the side of the skirt, along my leg. But it's the best name for it so far.

    See you soon on your lovely blog !


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