mardi 22 janvier 2013

reproduction of french knickers FAIL

I have recently posted an easy method about how to reverse engineering a piece of clothe without cutting it up.
Unfortunately, I've researched those methods AFTER I cut up a pair of 1930's french knickers.
This is what it looks like now.

It had lovely details at the bottom

The material (silk) was worn out and literally threadbare at the crotch

and it looked moth eaten too in places

but, still, I regret cutting it in scraps
Plus, using it as a pattern to make another pair of knickers didn't really work. First, the material might have lost some of its original shape with time and wear

Second, the technique used for the crotch is called "incrustation" in french, I don't know its name in English and didn't even imagine an angle could be sewn that way. I have to practice that technique and then, I might be able to redo this without the freaky crotch.

so, this is what I learned : research and document myself before starting a project and avoid destroying an antique.

Here is how to sew an "incrustation"  :

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