lundi 20 avril 2015

More crochet experiment

view of the back
I've tried my hands at free-form crochet. It's quite fun, like doodling with a hook and some yarn.

So first some harts of different shapes and shades of pink were made.

LOTS of hearts, more that are seen here actually. But that part was really fun. I could make hearts when I had just a few minutes, or at night to unwind from a stressful day, or on my lunch break. 

Then came the time to assemble all those harts and filling in between the shapes to create pieces of a little cardigan. And that part took me longer than expected for a baby cardigan. Still, it was very satisfying, like creating your own piece of textile .

The tiny teeny harts along the left side of the cardigan were made as an after thought to hide the snaps I used as closure.

I was scared that the baby would outgrow the cardigan before it was finished, so I made plain sleeves to be quicker .
It fit the baby just fine in the end and Léonie was kind enough to wear it with pride (or so I think, that this 5 month old baby was proud of her cardigan), a few time since I've given it to her mum.

So, I learned a new way to crochet, gave a hand made gift to a lovely first time mother, and dressed a baby-girl in pink hearts, that's what I call a good use of my hook.

If I were to free form-crochet again though, I'll try to made it a little plainer, maybe by using only one color of yarn of the same stitch. The cardigan as is , is a bit too loud for my taste. Live and learn.

Have you been practicing new skills of late ?

3 commentaires:

  1. Comme tu fais den belles choses Eurielle!
    This cardigan was lovely and not the easiest thing to crochet.
    Enjoy April..still a bit cold here north..

  2. Merci Tovepia ! Avril est capricieux, ici au nord de la France, mais le mois de mai approche avec tous ses jours fériés parfaits pour crocheter et coudre. ;)

  3. Magnifique ! Quelle patience pour monter tous ces coeurs ! Si j aurais eu une fille je ne lui aurais fait porter que ça pour le "rentabiliser" au max ! ;)


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