dimanche 14 juin 2015

Places I like #1

In my home town, Mons-En-Baroeul, there is a fort built in 1880, so its fairly new by french standard. 
In 1870, we were at war with the Prussians, but the war was way over when the fort was built and it was never used as a fort . 
The army sold this fort to my home town in 1972, and now it's housing a restaurant, some music schools, a gallery, a bar and even an open air theater. 
It's also in the fort that you can find the town library.
It's on two floors. The children section is on the ground floor (I often borrow mangas from that section ;P ) and the rest is on the first floor.
It's a pleasant place to chill and of course read.
The sewing section is tiny, but I found this book which is inspiring. By inspiring I mean that I can copy some really cool stuff from the fashion drawings.
I'm definitely partial to the twenties.

The slip on the right of this page would look gorgeous as a summer day dress today I think.

And the swim wear from the edwardian period would make nice tops.
I also like to drawn some inspiration from the comic book section, specially the Japanese manga. This, unfortunately has yet to translate into my sewing. But, I'll get there hopefully.

That's it for the tour of my town's librairie. 

What are the nice places you go to for inspiration in your sewing or other crafts ?

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