jeudi 2 avril 2015

20 minutes to make my ten fingers (and brain sometimes) happy. #1

Comment je couds une culotte en 20 minutes pour me réconcilier avec la couture, avec ma machine, avec mes dix doigts.
Sometimes and especially after a streak of ugly makes like my past two jumpers have been, I need to give myself some easy gratification in the craft department .
Sewing a pair of knickers ( or panties for you who live far, far away) (or unmentionables if you lived a long long time ago) does just the trick.
Those are my two favorite tools to sew stretchy fabric : a roller foot and my trusty owl to pull, drag, pin the fabric whilst under said foot.
I also used a needle for stretchy fabric other wise my machine skips stitches.

I posted an easy way to draft a pair of knickers from existing ones here a while ago.
This time, I used Gertie's method to sew them. You can find it on her blog on the post about the knickers she patterned for Butterick's sew-along.
It's quick and easy baby and let me just say knickers once more for the fun of it !

So, after cutting the pieces in knit fabric,
I've sewn the back and front piece together at the crotch using a square zigzag stitch (3.5 in length, 3.5 in width). It is I believe an episode of Murdoch Mysteries that I'm watching on the computer.

Then I covered the crotch area with some piece cut from an old coton T-shirt, for breathable purposes. 
and basted it in place. 

The double needle was used to hem the legs. I just trimmed the excess of folded fabric afterward.

Now put some lace on the waist of the front and back of the kickers (yeah, said it again !) 
Finding affordable knickers appropriate lace isn't easy where i live, I got that one at Lille's braderie for 0,50 euros a meter and wish I bought the whole roll instead of a mere meter and a half.

Same zigzag stitch was used, I just changed the top thread to match the color of the lace.

Then the sides were sewn together et voilà : a comfortable simple pair of knickers that are sewn in less time than it takes to make the laundry. 
Watch out for the faux-Chichilla in the back ground! 
Wish I could get away with skipping the laundry duty when in need of clean pair of jeans as well.

Those knickers pairs with some t-shirt I made few month ago in the same jersey knit. So soft on my skin !

Love me some easy-peasy project nothing can go wrong with !

What do YOU do to spent some quality time with your sewing machine in a no fuss straight forward sewing ? Any go to easy project ?

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