dimanche 28 juin 2015

crocheted rings #2

I've been at it again ! Yes, playing with squirrels in my parents backyard instead of busying myself with sewing.

I do not get tired of taking pictures of these little fellows.
But, I still have some rings that I crocheted for friends to show you.
The first one was for the owner of my favorite haberdashery in Lille.
It's supposed to represent her dog, Hushka, who's a regular feature in the shop.

And the other ring is for one of my colleague who's going through some tough times at the moment.
She likes cats, and I tried to crochet a cheeky one for her.
She was pleased with her little surprise so I'm delighted.

That's it for tonight . I've got a long day at work tomorrow so I'd better try and get a good night sleep now.
Hopefully, there'll be some sewing posts really soon as I still managed to stitch some things when I wasn't busy taking pictures of those fierce creatures.
Or eating gooseberry.

You couldn't guess it from my face, but the gooseberries were actually delicious and very sweet.
Enjoy your fruits everyone !

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