mardi 29 septembre 2015

Bye, bye summer 2015

J'ai l'air de souffrir, mais c'est seulement que je suis concentrée !
Not only is summer officially over, but the serious drop in temperatures (8° C this morning) makes it impossible to deny. I won't complain because I love autumn and, unlike last year, I made the most of of summer this year .

I did not got to go on holidays but I managed to sneak a few weekends at my parents and got to enjoy my father's garden. I picked up berries and ate my fill , I cut off the head of the dead flowers and enjoyed the greenery .

I played paparazzi to the squirrels ,

And the birds,

And a rat ...

I also ate a tone of fruits !
not only fruits make up the most of my diet usually, but they were all so tasty this year due to an unexpectedly (for north of France) sunny summer.

And I read some cool Mangas in a hamac !
I feel like I made the most of what summer gave me this year and I am now ready to go in autumn mode. 

What i noticed too was that my favorite summer activities came for free ! I found that for me the winter/indoors activities always require spending some money (think coffee or lunch break as opposed to picnic). We'll see in six month how things went. 

As far as sewing is concerned, my favorite make was this hoodie.

It was perfect to hide my arms and face from the sun on sunny days, it was just a quick make but the only one of my "sewn in summer clothes" I enjoyed wearing.
I only had to buy the zipper and the thread as the viscose and lace have been part of my stash for ever.

I hope you enjoyed your summer and are ready for some autumn fun , and hot chocolate !
Autumn is my favorite season, what's yours ?

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