lundi 25 février 2013

Mme Grès

Mme Grès wanted to be a sculptor. But, born in a time when girls couldn't always choose what they wanted to do with their lives she was led to being a fashion designer. And she said "for me, working with stone or fabric is the same thing".
When we heard about the "Mme Grès's exhibition" at Antwerpen's fashion museum, some of my friends and me, decided to take the trip and fill our eyes with Mme Grès' pleats and folds and drapes.

Antwerpen is an old Belgian city, not too far from the part of France I live in. It took us 1H15mn to go there by car.
The architecture of the building is what we call "flamand"and some of the buildings had the date they were built in on the facade. we spotted a few which dated from the 1600's

The exhibit took us through a maze of around a 100 of Mme Grès' dresses grouped by era.

I unfortunately didn't managed any good picture with my old compact camera, the use of the flash was prohibited.

So, these are some shots of the book from the exhibit.

doesn't this dress look like Lady Gaga's meat number ?

And this one apparently is made of 21 meters of fabric (silk knit)

I love this little grey wool 1950's number

I am not so fond of this 1970's puffy sleeves one. But I must admit, the construction is impressive.

There was also a movie/docu about the designer we could watch. It was impressive to see her create her pleats and folds in a concentrated silence. In the interview she talked of her solitude and of her need for perfection.

Well needless to say, after the exhibit, I wanted to drape, drape, fold pleat, mold and do all these things, I am totally incapable of doing. So, I bought this book.

I found a little dress that I want to do, but I a bit intimidated by all those weird patterns to tell the truth.

More on my drape drape dress to come later.

Happy sewing to you, whatever your inspiration is at the moment.

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