mardi 19 février 2013

polka dots Sassy Librarian Blouse

I've completed another one of my craftsy course and used my stash, so, it's not a total failure.

But, I'm not so pleased with this blouse. It has nothing to do with Christine Haynes nor her Craftsy course, which is great. I learned a lot of things from it and Christine is an excellent teacher.
The problem is that I should have adjusted the pattern to my body and was too lazy to do it.

My first version of this pattern was way too big so, I figured it would be ok to just go down in size and made this blouse in size 0.

But it seems to be gapping in the back neck, see

Yep, definitely gaping 

the back is puffy and I think that this is because it's not sitting properly on my bigger than size 0 derrière.

But the real problem is the bust area. It is not necessarily visible on the pictures above because I'm wearing a mega super padded bra. But I have the chest of a 12 years old boy and when I don't wear a bra (which is most of the time), the blouse is puffy at the front too.

What can you do ?

On the top of it, I'm not too fond of the purple polka dot. It was in my stash and is quilting cotton so, it's very easy to sew, but the result is way too cutsy for my taste.
I tried to tone the cuteness down by wearing the blouse with all black, but i'm not to convinced.

It's a pity that the blouse is not to the taste of flat-chested me for it was done with care, thanks to Christine's Hayes advices.
It has bias-bounded seams,

fabric covered buttons,

And the neatest tucks ever.

I will give this blouse to a friend, Marie, and if it suits her better (which it might), I will be more than happy to see her wearing and ware the blouse away. I just hate to be sewing in vain.

To be fair to the Craftsy course, that work wasn't in vain. I learned to do nice tucks and to take my time to iron things properly and to 3steps zigzag my edges. All things I'm often temped to skip for a faster make. It feels good, actually, to do things by the book.

And the blouse goes well with my cup of red hot cocoa.

Happy sewing !

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  1. This is os cute. I have just printed off the pattern. Not sure when I will get round to it.


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